In just a few weeks, The Matchmaking Institute’s Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference 2015 will commence as the world’s largest gathering of love industry professionals – featuring leading love industry experts to share the latest strategies, trends and best practices.

This annual love industry summit has become a “matchmaking mastermind” featuring expert keynotes and their case studies, professional workshops with tailored breakout and track sessions, Live Q&A and the chance to network and collaborate with matchmakers from around the world. The event has been specifically designed so that both seasoned professional matchmakers and budding matchmakers will benefit from the variety of topics, sessions, resources and the experience!

Here you’ll find the Top 5 Reasons so many of our matchmakers attend and return year after year – you won’t want to miss #LOVECON15

1. Grow your business by collaborating
Collaborating? Yes, you read that correctly. Having a support system of professionals in the same industry is key to growing a successful business. I have an incredible network of matchmakers that I know I can count on for business advice or to just chat about a recent success or challenge. As matchmakers, we need to think more about collaborating instead of competing. The opportunities for collaboration – both local and global – will truly elevate our industry to new heights!

2. Stay relevant learning the latest industry trends
You’d be surprised at how much you can learn when you gain a global perspective. Find out what other matchmakers are doing around the world. We diversify our experts so you can learn from a variety of business models and cultures. In fact, our last event had attendees from over 10 different countries!

3. Learn new ways to market
As our culture becomes more connected online, it’s important to learn new and fresh ideas (both online and offline) to build your client base. We bring in top marketing experts to provide best practice information on today’s trends for marketing the sensitive and emotional subject of love.

4. Refine your matchmaking/relationship skills
Premier relationship experts, authors and thought leaders grace our stages to share their methodologies. You’ll receive hours of exclusive lectures, insight and LIVE Q&A sessions with our esteemed speakers. Grow your skills and hear fresh ideas on relationship coaching and matchmaking by learning from some of the most well known love experts in the world.

5. Connect with people who share the same, unique job and passion for their careers!
Have you ever been in a room with 100+ matchmakers? It is energizing, inspiring and motivational! Work alongside colleagues who share your mission in spreading love and being of service to singles. Don’t miss your chance to join us!

Our annual conference is THE premier event for matchmakers around the world to join industry’s top thought leaders to discover new inspiration and ideas to grow their business, motivation to network and collaborate with like-minded peers and work toward making the world a more loving place.

Visit our 2015 Conference site to learn more!

P.S. if you’re not familiar with our events, don’t forget to take a look at our 2014 Recap Video