We so often instruct ourselves and clients to focus on quality over quantity to find happy and healthy relationships, but when it comes to building a successful business, quality and quantity are both paramount! That’s why it’s such a rush for me to announce that we’ve expanded our roster of experts and thought-leaders for 2015 Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference.

Our speakers include international love and relationship experts, prolific literary agents and authors, and successful serial entrepreneurs, lifestyle, and business authorities:

  • Andrea Barzvi, Literary Agent to the Stars
  • Eric Berkowitz, Serial Entrepreneur and contestant on Shark Tank
  • Dr. Loretta Breuning, Founder of the Inner Mammal Institute, author of “Meet Your Happy Chemicals: Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin”
  • Violet Lim, CEO & Co-Founder of Lunch Actually, Asia’s first lunch dating company
    Monica Shah, MBA, Money and Marketing Expert
  • Dr. Kat Smith, Doctor of Human Sexuality (Sexologist), certified Loveologist and Certified by the American College of Sexologist

These speakers will join me and deliver best practices and insight along with our keynote speakers, premier relationship experts, and scholars, Dr. Amir Levine, Paul Carrick Brunson, Dr. Helen Fisher, Julie Ferman and Tracy Campoli.

Quite a list, huh? It’s no accident either. This roster of varied expertise and specialties was entirely by design to help provide the greatest opportunity for attendees to broaden their relationship skills, sharpen their business skills and gain new perspectives on how to be successful. And I am so proud to host this annual event, but I’m also a lot like you… a passionate matchmaker who’s really excited to learn about new tools, new technology and new opportunities to collaborate!

Think about it.

Where else can you meet and learn from such a dynamic group tailored for our unique and passionate industry?

How often do you find such a large group of your peers to network and collaborate with for 2 full days?

I have no doubt, you’ll find a tremendous amount of inspiring content throughout the conference to help you gain the tools you need to grow your business, market to clients and get aligned for success. Connecting with colleagues who share your mission in spreading love and being of service to singles will transform and inspire you.

It’s the world’s largest gathering of love-industry professionals – join me!

Our $150 savings ends this Friday, April 3rd. Secure your seat at the conference and our exclusive pre-conference dinner with Dr. Helen Fisher. Visit our 2015 Conference site for more details.

To read more about annual event, check out Introducing the Experts, Top 5 Reasons to Attend and our 2014 Recap Video.