I chose this profession because I love love. I love being in love, talking about love, and helping people find love. My theory is: love makes people the best individuals that they can be. I strongly believe that those who are in a connected, loving relationship are more productive, better citizens, and more capable of making the world a positive place.

During these next few days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the amazing benefits of love.


1. Improves our health

A good friend shared a study with me a few months back about the relationship between marital status and cancer survival. The study involved over a million cancer patients in the United States. Within each study group, those who were married had more positive outcomes in terms of treating their illness. Even more amazing: for certain cancer types, marriage seemed to provide a bigger boost to the patient’s survival odds than chemotherapy.

If that’s not proof of the positive impact of love on our health, then I don’t know what is. A committed and supportive partner provides emotional, psychological, and physical support that could prove literally vital when serious illness threatens. That’s a benefit that goes far beyond having someone to see on a Saturday night!

2. Helps us feel understood

At our core, we all feel the need to be understood. Until we find this understanding, it is easy to feel like a lost entity in the world, like an alien among the rest. Our idiosyncrasies and shortcomings become magnified; we start using our own harmless foibles as the explanation for our single status.

When we finally do find that someone we connect with, and who understands our point of view, the shared perspective gives us a new sense of acceptance of ourselves. Suddenly, we feel totally centered, “normal!” When it’s you and your partner against the world, instead of the world against little ol’ you, you can brave the roller coaster of life together, holding tight when each of you needs it.

3. Provides us with shared experiences

Whenever I see something new or amazing my first response is to turn to the person next to me and ask, “Did you see that too?” Having someone beside you to share in these kinds of moments makes them so much more exciting and meaningful.

You can travel the world and see unexpected and beautiful things on your own, but it is remarkably more gratifying if you are able to witness them with someone you love.

4. Enhances our mood

When people feel loved and cared for, their overall mood improves tremendously. They tend to be friendlier, more caring, and open to new things. Being happy makes you a more productive and kinder individual. A positive disposition also has the capacity to make you more patient and empathetic towards those around you. The best part about this positivity is that it often creates more to feel good about!

5. Gives us time

Every day I hear from clients that they are waiting for this or that until they look for love. Maybe they want to travel, find a better job, or buy a house before they find that one person to be with forever. What they don’t realize is that waiting around is costing them days, weeks, even years of their life that they could have spent already enjoying the benefits of being in love.

There will never be a “perfect time” for love to come into your life. If you close yourself off until the timing is just right, you may be waiting forever. You can’t buy back time, so be open to love from the start.

In my world, the meaning of life is love, and Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love! Whether you currently are in a relationship or are single, I urge you to take advantage of this time to assess the love in your life.

Couples: celebrate each other and the love that you have. Work toward deeper understanding of each other and enjoy every minute you are together.

Singles: take this opportunity to connect with those around you. Use Valentine’s Day as a springboard to get out there and look for love!