This week’s episode of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker follows Patti Stanger as she leads our latest Certification Program in Los Angeles. It was a motivating and exciting session with some of our most motivated matchmakers in attendance and I am happy to share a couple of Patti’s tips for building and maintaining a successful matchmaking business.

Millionaire Matchmaker Class School

“Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting!”
Networking and building your singles database is critical and I couldn’t agree more with Patti on this point! As Patti explains, if you’re looking for a match for a specific client but you find a great potential single that isn’t a fit, you still grab that person for your database! Plain and simple. They may not be the right person for your client at the time, but the more people you have in the database, the better. They could be perfect for your next client!

“You have to be real when you match.”
Often we want to please our clients and search for everything they say they want/need in a potential match. But as a matchmaker, you need to be that trusted advisor and really help them understand what would be a good match for them and why. Your job as a matchmaker is to help facilitate happy and healthy relationships and as such, helping clients learn what will truly make them happy is only possible when you’re honest with them.

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