Professional Matchmaking Start-Up Kit
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The Matchmaking Pro’s comprehensive Professional Matchmaking Start-up kit is the result of 8 years of intense lectures and workshops and conferences given by our team. We want to share all the tools you need to know to become a matchmaker and start a profitable matchmaking business in your area or improve and grow your already existing matchmaking business.

The Matchmaking Pro’s Start-Up Kit offers you:

Tools to become a professional matchmaker or improve your existing matchmaking business.
Business owner plan and sample business models for starting and/or operating a matchmaking business. Access to become an Approved Matchmaker of the Professional Matchmakers Association. Once approved the ability to receive ongoing support and resource sharing with other matchmakers, as well as providing you with singles and press referrals.

The Matchmaking Pro’s manual provides you with all the materials necessary for starting a business in the matchmaking industry. This kit has been carefully put together by a group of matchmaking experts to provide the best guidance and support available to make sure your new matchmaking career is both enjoyable and successful.

Materials in the kit include:

Forms (to prescreen clients, conduct phone interviews, complete pre-qualified screenings, sample client contracts, etc.) business models and sample pricing of many different successful matchmaking businesses, specific information about the singles industry and matchmaking business and much more.

Forms included on the CD provided with the Comprehensive Matchmaking Business Start-Up Kit:

  • Screen and Qualify Form (2 pages)
  • Profile Forms (20 pages)
  • Physical Attributes Form
  • Potential Matches Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Code of Ethics
  • Sample Website Templates
  • Your Logo & Website Order Form
  • Business Plan Form
  • MMLS Referral Form

This interactive guide is designed to get you actively thinking about why you want to be a matchmaker, the skills you have to offer and the skills you want/need to acquire or refine. Most importantly, this workbook will provide you with all the information you need to become a successful Professional Matchmaker.

We invite you to take all the information and experience we have to offer and use it to create your own unique matchmaking business. Certainly all the information you need to open a matchmaking business is in this workbook, but only you can provide the critical element for becoming a successful matchmaker. That critical element is a commitment to learning and a passion for helping people find love. If you view becoming a matchmaker as a way to own your own business and earn a living – this workbook will provide all you need to get there. But your chances of building a successful business vastly improve if you make a real commitment to learning. Matchmaking is all about learning to run your own business, learning about your clients and learning to make great matches. It seems like with each new client, we learn something we didn’t know before. The learning process never ends. So start right now. Purchase the kit today.

The Start-Up kit is included in the Matchmaking Institute Certification program.


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