Mei Ling Ng Founder of Hong Kong Matchmakers

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After decades of hard work &  crazy long hours, I sold my fashion business in 2007 looking for something “small”  to do to keep myself busy during retirement. I attended the Conference organized by Matchmaking Institute in nyc out of perfunctory curiosity. It turned out to be well organized, informative, & inspiring, and I have learned a great deal more than I had ever imagined. I became a certified Matchmaker myself and came home to start up Hong Kong Matchmakers, utilizing what I have learned. The rest is history.

Today, we are the largest and most reputable matchmaking company in HK with 7 digit US$ turnover and bookings till June 2013. We are very grateful to Lisa Clampitt and the Matchmaking Institute of New York for everything, couldn’t have done it without their help.

Mei Ling Ng
Founder + Managing Director
Hong Kong Matchmakers

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