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Mens en Relatie, Kaldenkerkerweg 15 Venlo, Netherlands

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Short bio:

Radboud is in matchmaking for over 25 years. He is CEO of the largest matchmaking company in The Netherlands and he is also President of the Board of the Singles Quality Mark (12 Dutch Matchmaking Agency’s) and teacher of Dating and Relationship Coach at the Dutch Trading Academy. Mens & Relatie is a family business founded in 1984 by Radboud’s mother. Mens & Relatie aims to support there over thirty-five matchmakers in a way they can rise above themselves, sparkle and excel in their matchmaking abilities, so that they will find very succesfull matches. That’s why Radboud is running the business together with his younger brother, a qualified educator and specialist in designing e-learning (for the matchmakers) and e-coaching (for the clients). And together with his sister, a wellknown Psychologist and auteur of books about Longlasting Loving relationships.[/text_block]


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