CEO’s Report Card – September 2016

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As the CEO of the Matchmaking Institute, fellow matchmaker and dating coach, I am honored to be part of an organization founded (and has been funded) by Lisa Clampitt along with her genuine desire to provide resources for new and experienced Matchmakers, as well as to advance our industry.

Excited to unveil the recent restructuring that’s sure to add major value to your business!


We’ve solidified our relationship and created a charter for this elite group of members who are all leaders in their own right. These are matchmakers and company owners who understand the challenges we face as an industry and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Collectively we’re establishing the standards for the ‘MODERN DAY MATCHMAKERS’ and we’re committed to a strict code of ethical conduct as we advance our industry.

The 4 Pillars in the MMIPAC Charter

1. Training and Certification
2. Matchmaker Support Services
3. Technology Solutions
4. Advocacy

Here are the key areas where we’ve already made some headway…


We now have 3 certification levels.

1. STANDARD CERTIFICATION is for new matchmakers (available online or in-person)

2. EXECUTIVE MATCHMAKER CERTIFICATION is for matchmakers with 3+ years of experience. The certification can be obtained by participating in a Master Class covering:

a) Ethics
b) Dispute Resolution
c) Collaboration
d) Industry Standards

3. MASTER EXECUTIVE MATCHMAKER CERTIFICATION is a year-long leadership/mastermind program for the world’s top matchmakers with 5+ years of experience. Candidates must be approved. We already have a waiting list for next year’s program. The certification was launched this year’s conference and I’m thrilled to have 15 top matchmakers across the globe in the program.


A 12-week certification ideal for anyone who wants to focus strictly on recruiting or for matchmakers who have a challenge recruiting singles. Stay tuned…


An incredible way to earn back the money you’ve invested in training. Through the affiliate program, you’ll receive 20% referral fee if anyone you recommend to our training registers.This applies to our live and online Standard Certification program.



Stay tuned for a questionnaire for Certified Matchmakers requesting your service area for matchmaking purposes so we can easily send you referrals. We’re experiencing a high increase in our referral services to certified matchmakers due to our ongoing marketing & advertising campaigns.


Have a dispute from a client or a legitimate complaint about a fellow matchmaker? We will liaise. Clients must certify that they have not posted negative reviews or filed any other complaints before we will accept their dispute. We will liaise with both parties in an effort to resolve the issue in a win/win. Our goal is to reduce the negative press/online reviews that are sometimes based on high emotions, which is inherent in our industry.


We’ll be sharing and posting your information to highlight the Certified Matchmakers driving business to your sites. Soon we’ll be accepting blog submissions as well.


We’ve partnered with a technology and digital marketing company that will be providing 24×7 tech support for our CRM and incorporating enhancements that will be second to none!

The Matchmaker Multiple Listing Service (MMLS) available only to Certified Matchmakers is a tool where you can share singles with matchmakers outside of your firm. And you can transact right within the platform.



We’re retiring our JPEG Seal. Instead, all certified matchmakers will be given a code to add to their website that will display our seal of excellence.

By forming an advocacy group of matchmakers, this will help us communicate with companies that currently ban matchmakers from utilizing their services.

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