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The professional world of high-end matchmaking is one of catty competition and tightly held secrets. One figure in the industry, however, has decided to play the game a different way and that decision is benefitting not only her bottom line, but those of numerous others as well.

Despite running a successful matchmaking business – finding love for discerning men of means – Lisa Clampitt decided she could actually benefit by branching into a second direction—one that, if she did it right, could create a whole lot more competition for her. So it was that in 2004 she began teaching classes on not only how to be a matchmaker – seeing possible connections between people and putting them together – but also how to run a professional, moneymaking enterprise.

“Back then matchmaking definitely was not the industry that it is now,” says Clampitt. “It was definitely under the radar.” In creating the teaching process, she looked to psychologists to explain the psychology behind matching different individuals and professional networking directors for networking lessons. “It slowly turned into a tighter and tighter curriculum.”

Matchmaking Institute Graduates walk away with a kit to help them launch their own businesses, which includes various matchmaking forms, website templates and business plan outlines.

Clampitt’s company, Club VIP Life, consists of herself and her VP of Matching and Marketing, Beth Mandel. The business generates over $500,000 a year, but almost none of that take comes directly from her Matchmaking Institute. The school – which is certified in the state of New York – brings in capital by creating connections to others in the industry who can share resources and, when successful, commissions. The professional web Clampitt has woven includes the 600 or so matchmakers she’s graduated and the 1,000 plus matching businesses she has certified worldwide.

Every year Clampitt organizes a symposium of industry players from around the world who come together to learn techniques, discuss their markets and network. This year the event was held April 25 and 26 in Manhattan and included relationship coaches, creator Dr. Helen Fisher, authors of the subject of love and attraction; and stars of Bravo’s Love Brokers.