The Short Version: In 2003, Lisa Clampitt founded The Matchmaking Institute (MMI) to foster collaboration among matchmaking professionals. She tailor-made certifications to help love experts network and improve their services as well as their bottom lines. The Matchmaking Institute is the world’s premiere school for matchmaking, to train professionals (of all experience levels) on dispute management, recruitment, and business planning. To further encourage dating experts to work together, The Matchmaking Institute hosts conferences in cities around the world, calling on hundreds of industry leaders to share their ideas and advice. Through the organization’s steady support, matchmakers learn how to run their businesses more effectively and raise the standards of the industry as a whole.

Lisa Clampitt’s background in social work and nonprofits means she’s constantly trying to bring people together around good causes. When she started working as a matchmaker, she saw how competing matchmaking services kept their distance, refusing to share information, and she felt this was a missed opportunity.

It seemed counter-intuitive to her that an industry so reliant on recruitment, networking, and social groups didn’t collaborate with one another.

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