The Global Love Conference prides itself on providing a truly holistic approach to helping people find and keep love. It’s not just about sending people out on dates.

We have a community committed to building connections and working together to advance the industry, expand individual tools, and foster continued collaboration.

In fact, this year we moved the Conference to Punta Cana to include more opportunities for relaxation, recharging, and more time for networking. Matchmaking and dating coaches don’t tend to take time for themselves and more and more research shows the importance of self-care for your life – and business success!

Here are 3 things you are guaranteed to walk away with from this year’s Global Love Conference at the Barcelo Bávaro Grand Hotel.

Grow Your Business

The weekend includes masterclasses and workshops to help you build an affiliate base for your brand to grow your list. Date coaching techniques to maximize client experience and matchmaking technologies and trends (and how they serve your business!)

We also focus on database management and multiplying your singles database so you have more qualified matches for your clients at your fingertips!

And as your business has grown, we know you’ve encountered various client needs and demands that sometimes leave you stumped. That’s why we devote time to helping you effectively handling various client personalities and demands with efficiency and professionalism.

Create Connection

Our conference is the largest gathering of love professionals in the world! We have matchmakers, date coaches, marriage and relationship professionals attend from 35+ countries!

Quite simply, you won’t find anything else like it. You have the chance to share ideas with a group of like-minded individuals committed to helping people find their perfect match – and keep them!

Incredible Speakers

This year, we have put together a group of speakers that will give you tools you can immediately implement in your business.

Angela Smith will show you how to deal with narcissistic and difficult clients. As a leading matchmaker, prospects want to work with you. They know you are committed to helping them find their perfect match.

This also means that, often, you get a very demanding client who has (what seems like) an impossible lists of “must haves.”

You’ll also learn when it’s time to raise your fees from Julia McCurley and the top three ways to skyrocket sales and connections with DeFy Sales founders Janelle Holden and Tina Vang.

Tal Itzhak Ron will make sure you have all necessary paperwork ready for your clients to protect you and your business.

Plus, Svetlana Mukha from Diolli Matchmaking will share her best strategies for matching international clients.

That’s just a sneak peek. Get the full agenda and list of speakers at

Each morning, we will also have sessions devoted to self-care and self-love (something all us love connectors could use more of!) lead by Yudy Bueno.

If you’re ready to spread the love, grow your business and income – all while learning from some of the biggest names in the love industry – then grab your sunglasses and let’s go!

We have just a few spots left. You can learn more about The 2018 Global Love Conference here.