The age of dissonance. Let’s You and Him Date

January 16th, 2005|

New York Times - January 16, 2005 There he was at a nightclub bash last fall. Bachelor No. 1. Hitting on a beautiful friend of mine who happens to be engaged. I had to intercede. Turns out he's a working actor whom I recognize from television -- smart and funny, [...]

An Academy for Would-Be Cupids

December 28th, 2004|

An Academy for Would-Be Cupids ABC 20/20 - Dec. 28, 2004 New York School Trains 21st-Century Matchmakers. From the classic musical "Fiddler on the Roof" to the film "Crossing Delancey" to reality TV shows, matchmakers have been portrayed as the gurus who find mates for the unlucky in love. But [...]

Rob Anderson, Gay Matchmaker

October 27th, 2004|

Rob Anderson, Gay Matchmaker NYC 24 - 2004 Rob Anderson is not everyone’s idea of a matchmaker. Clad in black, reclining on a zebra-patterned armchair with two Chihuahuas barking in the background, Anderson explains how he guides gay men through New York’s dating game. “People have this image of matchmakers [...]

Even lonely hearts need some ‘professional’ help

October 27th, 2004|

India Times - April 25, 2004 It's an oft-heard refrain as men and women try to get past the loneliness that comes with being single. But, in this day of the information explosion, even Cupid can't afford to be left behind. The God of love needs to get his facts [...]

Twin Cities Miss Match Andrea Johnson

April 7th, 2004|

Twin Cities Miss Match Andrea Johnson Just Dating - April 7, 2004 Meeting the partner of your dreams is becoming more and more of a challenge. The busy lifestyles of many of today's professionals often leave little time for socializing. Millions of singles are hiring someone to help them find [...]

Make Me A Match

February 25th, 2004|

Feb 25, 2004 Find modern love with a modern matchmaker! Blind dates have not worked, neither have the dating websites or hanging out at the local bookstore or bar. You want to try something new, but what? Maybe it’s time to bring in a professional matchmaker? Matchmakers are back and [...]

Cupid Academy

February 16th, 2004|

Time - Feb. 16, 2004 Elizabeth Biondi wants to be a matchmaker. After a devastating breakup with a boyfriend last summer, the Detroit social worker decided to channel her romantic energy into something constructive. She had always enjoyed setting friends up on dates — why not strangers? So late last [...]

Offline Dating

January 19th, 2004|

Time Out NY, January 19, 2004 The Institute offers a standardized certification class for newcomers to the field, in which students learn a range of skills. The school also plans to host a database of its graduates. more (PDF)