“You are never too old for love.”

While many of us nod in agreement when reading the above statement, Jennifer Hayes is breathing life into it every time she helps someone find their perfect match. It’s the motto and perhaps the driving force behind her successful business.

As the recent winner of our #MatchmakersUnite video challenge in honor of National Matchmaker’s Day, Jennifer spoke about helping a 73-year old woman find love again after her husband had passed away. Take a peek at the video here.

And it’s this passionate belief in love that makes Jennifer excited to get up every Monday morning and help someone else find it.


Meet Jennifer

“I fell in love with the process 20 years ago,” Jennifer explains. After gaining a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Jennifer first dreamed of being a teacher. After being laid off from a company shortly after graduation, she stumbled upon a job ad in the matchmaking industry.

“You know, I love love. I saw the ad and it just sounded interesting. I felt like I would be good at it,” Jennifer says. “And in the process, I’ve learned so much about myself and my own journey with love.”

After working for many matchmaking companies including Matchmaker’s International, Jennifer partnered up with executive matchmaker, Debra Gibas, to form her own business called South Carolina Matchmakers. As more and more graduates are hitting the job market with an incredible skill set and eagerness to make a difference in their community, Jennifer’s story shines a light on how matchmaking can be a fulfilling – and much needed – career.

“There’s never a day where I wake up and wish I was doing something else,” Jennifer shares. “Of course you have those moments, but at the end of the day nothing compares to helping people find someone to share their life with!”

Married for over 13 years, Jennifer discusses that before she met her husband and had their son, she was a highly educated, smart, and successful woman but she knew something was missing.

“And I know how even more fulfilled my life is with my family. At the end of the day, if I could bottle up and sell what I have with my husband and my kid, it would fly off the shelves.”

That’s exactly what she’s trying to do for so many men and women, especially when a client thinks it’s not possible for them.

“There’s something really special about helping someone find their last love, ya know? When they come to us thinking it’s over and done for them, we can totally transform their lives!” For Jennifer, that’s the power of finding and keeping love.


Always In Style

“Love is gonna be around forever. It’s not going out of style,” Jennifer says. That’s why Jennifer feels it’s such an important job. And not one to be taken lightly.

“To become a really good matchmaker, you have to be pragmatic with your clients,” Jennifer shares. “You have to know who they are and take that time. How to speak to both sides of them in order to match them and every client you meet is going to be different so you make that commitment to go deep with every single one.” She also believes honesty is key.

“People’s lives are so busy and I think matchmaking is needed now more than ever. It offers a hands-on the opportunity,” Jennifer explains when talking about why matchmaking is a unique opportunity for singles. “You get someone who is on your side. Even people who come to us who have been successful with online dating but the relationship didn’t last – we get to be the coach and the cheerleader to help them filter and figure it all out.”

And with that cheerleading, Jennifer believes that most people who come to matchmaking are looking for someone to, not only, hold their hand, but help them grow. They want real results.

“I look at it like a personal trainer,” she says. “You go to a trainer for them to get you into shape – to push you and get you out of your comfort zone. That’s where the change happens. I’m helping people jump off the diving board every day and the benefit is so worth it for them – and for me!”


Choosing Your Community

Clients put their trust in their matchmaker. That’s why it’s important that everyone on Jennifer’s team share that same spirit and drive to help people.

“Yes, we want to make money. But the bottom line is our clients,” Jennifer explains. She makes sure to instill that same passion and drive for everyone at South Carolina Matchmakers.

And this trust is a major component in the industry. That’s why having a community of like-minded, motivated love professionals is so important.

“What I like about The Matchmaking Institute is that it offers incredible ways to reach clients – whether through marketing, education, networking. It’s a strong community.”

Especially with the rise of social media, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and strategies, as well as understanding what works for your business.

“Depending on your clientele, one platform might be better than another. Taking time to understand that and market accordingly can be a game changer for your business,” Jennifer shares.


Love Big

Jennifer is also a fictional romance writer and renowned radio host. She has been working on a new book titled Love Big or Be Single which will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, just to name a few, in early 2018.

“This time it’s not fiction! It’s about my own journey with love and how it jumpstarted my career in matchmaking,” Jennifer shares on the premise of the book. “I wanted to give people an inside scoop on finding love. Taking all my years of experience and really help people.”

For Jennifer, one of the biggest things she wants people to know is that you really have to go all out to find love – that the work you put into your friends, your work, your family is the same kind of work you have to invest in order to find the love of your life!

“Bottom line is you have to be open to possibilities.” For Jennifer staying open to possibilities has been the key to her own journey and her clients. Whether the client is 25 or 75. Because like Jennifer tells us, none of us truly are ever too old for love.