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Right now, this is you…

  • As a successful matchmaking or dating coach, you want to bring the same confidence to your sales as you provide for your clients. You wonder, “Is there a specific system to closing more sales?”
  • You attract those dream prospects but spend too much time dealing with the “I don’t think I have the money…” objection even though you know this person could be your next success story!
  • Every week, you find yourself wondering is there someone who understands the love industry who can help me figure out my pricing and packaging? You know you have the skills - you just need the right support.

Here’s something we bet you already know: without sales, you don’t have a business.

That’s just fact.

So, if you’re currently struggling with sales, this is the first place to put your focus. It will be a game changer for just about every other aspect of your business.

And yet, it’s not just about getting some generalized sales training, right? You need the specific strategies and steps that will work for the love industry.

(Because you are looking to do this sales thing without feeling like one of those robocalls.)

That’s why The Matchmaking Institute has developed a Sales Training Course exclusively for Matchmakers and Dating Coaches.

(Please, hold your applause until the end 😉

The Love Industry Sales Training

The Matchmaking Institute has joined together with DeFY Sales to bring you a detailed, comprehensive course with real-time practice and role playing to improve your sales training in less time.

As the founders of DeFY Sales, Janelle Holden and Tina Vang are sharing the secrets to successfully selling while still staying true to yourself. (fancy for never sounding like one of those robocalls.)

Janelle Holden

Tina Vang

Janelle Holden and Tina Vang are co-founders of DeFY Sales, a boutique done-for-you sales agency and sales training company based online. Last year alone they closed over $2 million in sales for clients in the coaching, consulting, and training industries. They have a combined 25 years in sales and business, and have been on the business faculty of the Matchmaking Institute and the Relationship Coaching Institute since January 2017.

What You Can Expect:

  • 8 Live Classes - with Tina and Janelle (90 minutes each class) covering every aspect of sales - from pricing, packaging, and managing objections.
  • 4 Breakthrough Role Playing Sessions- practice in real-time with constructive corrections, strategies, and support (every step of the way) to master the sales conversation with ease and confidence.
  • Q&A Sessions - get your questions answered, voice wins, and challenges with a group of like-minded coaches and matchmakers committed to closing sales like a boss this year.
  • All Virtual Classes - via Zoom so you can access anywhere - in the office, at home, or on vacation.
  • Detailed Handouts - outlining the structure of each class and giving you exercises to stay focused. (Hint: These are perfect to refer back to these again and again when you need a quick refresher before a sales call!)
  • Exclusive Slack Channel - dedicated office hours so you can ask questions as they pop up, and speak with Janelle and Tina directly, so you tackle sales with constant support for the next 6 months!

Ready to Close More Sales than Ever Before?

I’m in

Selling will actually feel good - and you will no longer dread this part of your business because you will have every skill and strategy to up your sales game.

From overall major shifts in how you approach sales to the tiny tweaks that will yield the biggest results (starting right now!)

Plus, you won’t lose sales in the process of trying to figure it all out. Janelle and Tina have dedicated time to make sure you get the support you need to continue closing sales throughout the course.

Class Structure

Fall 2018
Every Other Thursday, 1 P.M. EST

Class 1: Pricing, Packaging, & Knowing Your Value: Mindsets About Money

  • Package your services with ease.
  • Price your services with confidence.
  • Understand your unique value by accessing The Mindset Magic formula.

Class 2: Money On The Table: 3 Instant Ways To Bring In New Sales Now

  • Identify and follow up with your hottest prospects.
  • Create a new, irresistible offer.
  • Uncover how to make referral magic happen instantly.

Role Playing + Q&A

Class 3: Setting Yourself Up For Success: Sales Systems That Work

  • Create and set-up your sales funnel systems
  • Market systems that eliminate objections (and attract the right prospects!)
  • Customer relationship management systems (we bet you are currently overlooking this and you need it for a successful business!)

Class 4: Mastering The Sales Conversation: Part I

  • 3 ways to frame your sales conversation.
  • Sales questions that instantly convert.
  • How to build a “yes” from the start (convert more sales in less time!)

Role Playing + Q&A

Class 5: Mastering The Sales Conversation: Part II

  • Develop a great pitch that sounds like you (no telemarketers around here!)
  • Live role-playing practice.

Class 6: How to Answer Every Objection and Hesitation and Close The Deal

  • Master money objection responses.
  • Conquer the “I have to think about it…” hesitations.
  • Handle spouse/partner objections instantly.

Role Playing Practice + Q&A

Class 7: Secret Strategies To Follow Up Like A Pro

  • 5 secrets to a better follow-up.
  • Automate your follow-up (this is a must!)
  • How to get prospects on the phone.

Class 8: How and When to Hire and Train Your Own Sales Team

  • Afford a top-notch sales team (and figure out who is best for you!)
  • Hire a responsible, reliable sales team.
  • Train your sales team with the right tools and support.

Role Playing + Q&A

Revolutionize Your Business This Year

Matchmakers and Dating Coaches are constantly doing everything in their business....

We get it!

And we also know it’s hard to figure out who to turn to for quality support - the kind that’s really going to make a difference in your business.

You may have received a few tips here and there, or attended a workshop and heard someone talk about the importance of sales.

Their strategies feel possible for you but when it comes time to apply them to your business - or dealing with different objections - you lose confidence.

Too many talented matchmakers (who really have the power and skills to help people find and keep love) are afraid - to declare their prices out loud, to master objections, and to create a sales conversation that doesn’t feel sales-y.

But your value is worth it. You deserve to be paid your worth and talk about your worth in a way that feels good (instead of sounding like a robocall or with some prepared script that feels nothing like you!)

That’s why Janelle and Tina will make sure you approach sales with confidence.

The Sales Training course has been designed for 6 months to help you take small, consistent steps forward. Revolutionize the way you do sales, without feeling overwhelmed or left without all the tools you need.

The result?

  • You will know exactly what to charge and feel confident pricing your business to match the skills and knowledge you bring.
  • You will know how to share your packaging with people in a way that compels them to buy, and grow your revenue during the training, almost immediately!
  • Sales will feel easy. (For real!) You will have a system in place to make new sales happen consistently in your business easily and effortlessly.

Your new challenge?

Keeping up with all of the new clients who are excited to pay you to help them find their perfect match.

If you are serious about closing more sales this year, then we can’t wait to help you do it with ease, confidence, and consistent support!

Ready to Close More Sales than Ever Before?

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