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This is you...

An in-demand matchmaker for over 3 years with a growing business and plenty of successful matches. And with this stellar reputation comes more responsibility to ensure the highest quality of service, continuing expansion of your database, and an overall exceptional client experience.

In short, it takes support to stay on top. It also takes collaboration.

That’s why we created a special certification just for you...

  • Access to The Referral Program - with over 3,000 singles in our database, we will pair you with clients and potential members that are right for you, saving you time and energy.
  • Dispute Resolution - step-by-step guidance for creating strategies and protocols to proactively resolve disputes. Avoid major setbacks and save time and cost, while maintaining valuable relationships.
  • Learn the exact tools - from framing your refund policy, advertising, and networking, you’ll learn exactly what you need to maximize your business growth.
  • Access to the MMLS - this exclusive forum allows you to access other matchmaker’s singles. No need to pay recruiters or spend more time uncovering the perfect match - it’s all available to you in an easy-to-navigate online database.
  • Expand your network - create passive income by monetizing your list (each referral is $250) and promote set standards for the matchmaking industry.,

Because we believe in collaboration.
We believe in constant support.
And we believe in your success.

How It Works…

  • 3-Hour Master Class – must have strategies to expand your network, increase visibility, and find the right strategic partnerships for you. Voice questions, concerns, and ideas.
  • Business Plan Review – no more staring at your computer wondering which marketing and business strategies are right for you. We will do it with you – step-by-step.
  • Dispute Resolution Services – essential tools to resolve issues before they start.
  • Potential Client and Press Referrals – we will personally help grow your business by sending you potential clients and media referrals.

Plus, you get exclusive invites to continuing education courses and mastermind calls discounts at select events.

You will also receive our EMC seal to be displayed on your company’s website.

"Through the connections and resources I have discovered through MMI, my business model has transformed many times and annual revenue has gone from 0 to 6 figures!"

You Might Be Thinking...

How will this impact my business?

Quite simply, you will receive instant value.


Because as your business continues to grow, you need more specific skills to best manage different client expectations, personalities, and demands.

And you want to do so without adding stress or worry to your already busy schedule.

As an Executive Matchmaker, you will learn the essential tools to proactively resolve disputes before they become a major issue, thus eliminating the need for additional consultation. You will also exponentially expand our network, without having to hire additional team members. Plus, you’ll know exactly what your business needs for best marketing strategies and business plan reviews without staring at your computer screen wondering what’s the best action steps for your business.

Consider us your trusted wingman - with you every step of the way to cement your rock solid business.

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