Sophia McDonald Founder and CEO of Sophisticated Matchmaking Seattle, Washington

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I want to thank you once again for a fantastic opportunity to meet with like-minded people, learn more about the industry, practice business skills, build great connections and for an opportunity of a great personal growth. I was expecting the course to be interesting but it had exceeded my every expectation. I got a lot out of it – I got a new vision, learned new strategies, tactics and had a chance to get feedback at my current business plan and PR program for my future business development. Besides that, I felt very welcome and comfortable. It atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. Every question, I had, was handled with great attention and was immediately addressed. I found course content to be sufficient and well presented, materials well organized and presentation pace to be comfortable. The whole class was engaged into teamwork and was very cooperative.

I would recommend this course to others without any hesitation. It is the best training in the country for new matchmakers and a great opportunity for people who are already in the business to network and to exchange with great ideas and their experience.

Sophia McDonald
CEO and Founder of Sophisticated Matchmaking
Seattle, Washington

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