Monthly Archives: April 2015

New Speakers Added for #LOVECON15

We so often instruct ourselves and clients to focus on quality over quantity to find happy and healthy relationships, but when it comes to building a successful business, quality and quantity are both paramount! That’s why it’s such a rush for me to announce that we’ve expanded our roster of experts and thought-leaders for 2015…

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[GUEST POST]Modern Day Matchmakers are Dating Coaches Too

We have another awesome speaker from the 2015 Matchmakers and Date Coaches conference contributing with a guest post. Julie Ferman is truly a professional matchmaker, connector, dating coach and advocate for the matchmaking industry. In this guest post, she talks about the importance of date coaching: Matchmaking clients come to us seeking one thing –…

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[GUEST POST] Successful Habits I Learned Working For Two Billionaires

I’m so grateful to be close with Paul Carrick Brunson. He’s smart, motivated and passionate about spreading the love. He was generous enough to offer this guest post in anticipation for his talk at the 2015 Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference. The rest of this post is from Paul: I have spent decades “being educated”…

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