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The first question I get asked by new clients is always, “How many dates will it take until I find the one?” Of course, I would love to answer them immediately with something super specific like, “It will take 3 days and 4 hours!” or “On your third date, you will fall in love.” Unfortunately,…

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The 5 Things You Need To Know To Master The Art of Seduction

A few weeks ago I was invited to give a talk at a private club in New York City about the art of seduction. I didn’t know quite who would be attending this event, but figured the group would be comprised of mostly singles looking for help finding a mate. When I got there however,…

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Love, Money And The Art Of Bringing People Together

See full article and video HERE! The professional world of high-end matchmaking is one of catty competition and tightly held secrets. One figure in the industry, however, has decided to play the game a different way and that decision is benefitting not only her bottom line, but those of numerous others as well. Despite running…

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