Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Effect’ – Available Now

The second Kyrie Irving signature sneaker has launched, with the first colorway in the Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Effect’ available now at select retailers.

The inspiration behind the colorway is something out of science fiction, with the ‘Kyrie effect’ mathematical and scientific formulas strolling through the mind when Kyrie goes up for an improbable layup. The pattern on the heel and mid-foot strap represents this effect, similar to what you’d see from movies like Limitless, Lucy, or even the Hangover when Alan counts cards. This is how Nike showcases the “Kyrie effect:”

The tie-dye like print contrasts the basic silver, white and black on the rest of the shoe, with subtle red touches on the Kyrie logo on the tongue for an extra pop.

Interesting enough, the Kyrie 2 will get a unique box, featuring a giant “2” on the box top along with the X’s and O’s seen on a coach’s clipboard.

You can pick up the Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Effect’ for $120 at the retailers below:

Nikestore | Foot Locker

Nike Kyrie 2 Effects Nike Kyrie 2 Effects top view Nike Kyrie 2 Effects heel view Nike Kyrie 2 Effects heel Nike Kyrie 2 Effects lateral Nike Kyrie 2 Effects medial Nike Kyrie 2 Effects outsole bottoms traction



  1. I forgot that this is a quick strike released like the “Dream” colorway last year. I hope a size 12 fits like the JC2s.

  2. [email protected] says

    I wasn’t blown away by them. Tried them on and left footlocker to see how the size goes for possible future releases in other color ways (the xmas). They fit tts in my opinion.

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